May 18, 2006 the Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Since we had heard so much about the The National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, we decided we had to give it a visit. The Museum is a wonderful collection showcasing just about everything having to do with the Atom. Once again, I ask you to excuse some of the photos, shooting graphics behind glass is a problem I have yet to overcome! That said, I thought it was such a treat I wanted to take you on a little tour of some of my favorite exhibits.

Not only do they include a huge, unbiased history of Atomic Power, they also have a wonderful collection of atomic related merchandise. I just loved the graphic on this dishwashing detergent sign

The Museum also has a great collection of Military Posters. This one in particular, appealed to me

They also have an amazing collection of model airplanes.

This photo shows Terry standing next to one of the early casings for Fat Boy, one of the first atomic bombs

And here's Terry next to an actual rocket

One of my favorite displays shows various merchandise. Imagine buying Uranium Earrings!

And here's a great item, Atomic Bomb Perfume!

And here's the ever popular Three Mile Island Commemorative Lamp!

I thought this artwork was superb. It advertises radium cream, for beauty (?). While I don't read French, I believe this is from the offices of Dr. Curie!

The Museum also has a movie theater. We saw a great film called Ten Seconds That Shook the World . This was a GREAT film. Produced in 1963 by David Wolper, it traces the development of the Atomic Bomb. At first, I thought this didn't sound that interesting, but I was very wrong. It was a most informative film, and I found that it piqued my interest in the whole field.

I also really enjoyed their little theater, which boasted a number of vintage Sci-Fi movie Posters, such as

Forbidden Planet

The Day the Earth Stood Still

and this great poster for a John Williams Star Wars concert.

In closing, I strongly recommend that you take the time to visit the museum next time you're in Albuquerque. You'll have a great time, and on top of that, the gift shop is a total blast!

And last but not least . . . Here's their official portrait of Albert Einstein, noted Peace Activist and the Father of it all.

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