Improvements and Additions to the Bath and Shower

Medicine Chest

While our bathroom in the 30 foot Lazy Daze is quite large (with a detached shower across he hall), I found there wasn't a lot of convenient storage for my day to day toiletries. After looking at the situation for over a year now, we finally decided a medicine chest was the way to go.

We found this simple wooden medicine chest at Home Depot and started to look for ways to mount it. At first, we considered removing the mirror, cutting it in half, then re-attaching it to the wall. We could then screw the medicine chest directly into the wall.

Then we decided to try a different approach. First, we made a u shaped shelf to fit on the bottom of the chest. If you intend to try this, be aware that the counter is not flat, it slopes up slightly towards the mirror, so you need to shave the bottom legs so they sit flush on the counter. We then screwed the shelf right into the chest. After putting the chest in place, we used a small L bracket and screwed the bottom of the u shaped shelf right into the bathroom wall below the mirror. This attached the shelf firmly at the bottom.

Next, we cut a piece of wood to fit exactly between the top of the medicine chest and the bottom of the upper shelf. We then removed the false bottom in the overhead cabinet and screwed the exactly fitted piece of wood into the overhead cabinet. The last step was screwing the wood directly into the medicine chest. This has securely fastened the chest to the wall.

In the picture, you can see that the medicine chest takes up very little space, but when it's open, look at all the space we've gained! If you look carefully, you can see that I've used 3M wire guides to hang my earrings from the front of the medicine chest mirror. These wire guides have a tiny "clip" that allows you to open the guide or secure it closed, so they're perfect for this project.

Not only do I like the way this looks, but I find having my earrings available in this manner allows me to change them often. While this may not seem like a big thing, I find living in such a small space, these little convenient touches make a lot of difference.

A Curtain in the Bathroom

I have really disliked the venetian blinds in the bathroom, almost from the first day (I also don't like the ones in the kitchen!). One afternoon, I found this shiny star fabric and knew that they would make the bathroom a lot nicer.

It was a simple fix. We removed the blinds and got a plain kitchen rod, and put up the new curtains (two seams, top and bottom).

In my opinion, a HUGE improvement.

A New Faucet in the Bathroom

One of the things that started to bug me after a while was the bathroom faucet. I disliked the single control (great in the kitchen, not so nice in the bath) . Another thing was the placement of the spigot. It was so low and reached so far into the sink that every time I brushed my teeth, I would spit all over it, YUCK. I found this at a Lowes in Albuquerque and, boy is it ever an improvement! What do you think?

A Shelf Over the Bathroom Window

I find that I'm fascinated by miniatures. What amazes me is the intricacy that can go into something so small. I particularly like these very tiny Japanese bobble head dolls. They are all delicately hand painted and show an amazing amount of detail. At home I have various collections, but obviously there isn't much room for such things in Cholula, so I've had to pick and choose carefully. Living in such a small space keeps me looking for places to put my little tchotchkes.

While in Ikea, I found a small shelf with a lip that was just the right depth. We had to cut it down a bit, but it fits perfectly right above the blind in the bathroom window. I keep these pieces in place with Fun-Tak, and they ride just fine.

For me, these kind of tiny touches make me feel so much at home, and truly make the rig our very own.

Rug on Bathroom floor

While I really appreciate that Lazy Daze has quit putting carpet in the bathroom, that linoleum can get pretty cold. When I went to look for a rug, they were all too big to fit in my tiny space (just 15x22 inches, and irregularly shaped at that). Then one day I saw a toilet seat cover and thought AHA, maybe this would work. I left the cardboard cutout in it and used a bit of double stick tape and it stays just fine.

Later, I found this lovely punched wool chair cover at a thrift store. I brought it into the rig and it works also, so now I just use it over the toilet seat cover for a nice extra thick little rug in the bathroom.

Bathroom Trash

The available area for a trash can in the bathroom is pretty tiny. I felt the need to find something that would be workable but that we wouldn't be kicking every time we walked into the bath.

I was in the grocery store one day and saw this cereal container and a light bulb went off in my head! Could it really be this easy? Once I got it into the rig, I knew my problem was solved. This container has a large opening which snaps shut so it stays neat and tidy looking all the time. Regular bags from the grocery store fit right into it, so that wouldn't be a problem. When I put it into place to the right of the back of the toilet, it fit perfectly, and if you keepthe handle to the front, it's very easy to pick up to empty.

Who would have thought a regular kitchen container would fit so well and be so workable?

Additions to the Shower

While I love the shower in our motorhome, that's not to say I don't have a few issues with it. In theory, the skylight is a great idea; however I find that it generally makes the shower either too hot or too cold.

At first, I tried using velcro to keep a piece of reflectix over the opening, thinking I would take it down and put it up as needed; however I soon realized I never wanted to take it down. I then removed the velcro and stuck a measured piece of reflectix up in the skylight and it works fine. Since my shower has both a light and a window, this solution is ideal in Cholula.

I also wanted a rod on which to hang things when the shower wasn't in use. I found an expandable curtain rod and put it in the skylight opening. Then I found this great octopus hanger (named Jabba by the way) at IKEA and hung him from the rod. Now we can hang larger items from the rod and smaller things from the octopus.

Besides, he makes me smile every time I open the shower door.

NOTE- After a while, the reflectix kind of bugged me, it just wasn't quite what I wanted, design wise. I wanted the shower to feel more open, and when I found this sky with clouds film, I knew it would work.

Now, the shower is just wonderful, We bought a sheet of Lexan and cut it just a bit smaller than the skylight opening. Then we put the film on the Lexan and mounted it with four pieces of aluminum L bracket, screwed right into the skylight dome.

the Shower Window

I had replaced the curtain Lazy Daze supplied with an actual fabric curtain, but it still wasn't quite right.

My friend Andy had put an opaque film on his shower window and I tried that for a while, but it was just a bit blah for my taste. Then, I found some lovely bamboo cling that I wanted to use for the front door, but there was a bit left over and I decided that I would use it to brighten up the shower.

I realize that I am including a lot of decorating ideas, but to me, it is these little touches that change your motorhome from a stock rig into

Shoe Rack

Since we've been in the motorhome, I've taken to wearing Crocs almost exclusively. While I find them really comfortable, they're a bit larger than a regular shoe and take up a bit more space. Finding a place to keep my shoes has been an ongoing project.

First I kept them in the cabinet over the bed, but they kept hitting me in the head every time I opened the cabinet door. Then I tried keeping them in the closet bottom but that was just a huge jumble of shoes, it really didn't work at all.

Finally, I hit upon the idea of a hanging shoe bag, but every one I found had teeny tiny bags for the shoes. Then I found a shoe bag at Target with really large bags. While it was over all larger than I needed, I found by cutting off one row on an edge and two rows on the bottom, it fit perfectly on the back of my shower door ((which is also the back of my pantry). We attached the top og the shoe bag to the mesh opening at the top of the shower door and now it fits perfectly and is virtually invisible from the living room.

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